Sham S. Ahmed


Co-Founder, President and General Manager


Sham S. Ahmed has almost 40 years of executive leadership experience in the North American HVAC industry. From 1981 to 2020, Sham held various positions as Applied Product Sales Manager, Vice President, General Manager and Chief Operating Officer. He is the founder or co-founder of several highly successful greenfield projects companies in which he has generated more than a half billion dollars in sales around the world as well as consulted for multinational HVAC companies, before joining XNRGY as President and General Manager.

He has recruited top HVAC manufacturing and marketing executives from the U.S. and Canada to lead the rapid deployment of innovative manufacturing technologies designed to reduce costs and maximize quality. Sham works with investors, and the executive team, in crafting and implementing a 10-year, multiphase business plan focused on research, development, data center efficiency, power usage effectiveness and the manufacturing of custom air handling systems, supporting LEED certification, in a wide range of applications.

Sham especially enjoys motivating teams to deliver creative, dynamic solutions in engineering, manufacturing, and project management. He capitalizes on new materials, automated manufacturing, and increasingly sophisticated electronic controls in meeting complex and critical needs in terms of structure, acoustics, footprint, redundancy, and modular design. Creative thinking, strategic planning, relationship building, mentoring, and an unwavering commitment to excellence are the forces that have shaped his career and brought success to the organizations he has led with passion, expertise, and vision.


Co-President and Chief Operating Officer


YVES LEDUC holds a law degree from the University of Montreal and a Master of Laws from Columbia University.

Yves Leduc has recently joined as Co-President and Chief Operating Officer (COO) of XNRGY. He will lead the company's overall business and strategic expansion and have executive oversight responsibility for its global operations, as well as product and technology development. He is also a partner at Idealist Capital, one of Xnrgy's lead investors.

Mr. Leduc has over 25 years of deep experience in strategic, manufacturing, brand sales & marketing, new product development, and operational roles. He has successfully led global industrial manufacturing businesses across multiple sectors through various stages of growth.

He served as CEO of Velan Inc. from 2017 to 2022, starting with the company as President in 2015. Prior to joining Velan, Mr. Leduc was at BRP Inc. for 16 years, where he led the engine manufacturing division in Austria before returning to Canada as general manager of BRP’s North America division. Prior to joining BRP, Mr. Leduc held various roles with Bombardier and McKinsey & Company. He began his professional career as a litigating attorney at Stikeman Elliott.

Mr. Leduc has been a member of TC Transcontinental’s board of directors since 2017. He is also one of seven strategic advisor-limited partners of the Fonds de la Continuité Québécoise, a $150m fund recently established and partially funded by the Quebec government to support promising businesses in need of urgent financing.

Through his career, Mr. Leduc, a transformative business leader, has demonstrated the ability to build and lead high-performing management teams and strengthen customer relationships. He has also successfully implemented lean enterprise and processes, opened plants and developed supply chains in low-cost countries (India and Mexico), while dealing with numerous dramatic market downturns, as well as complex financial, regulatory and international trade issues.

He is a strategic thinker and a strong communicator.

Yves leduc
Vincent Morin


Executive Vice President of Product Engineering and Manufacturing Operations


With over 30 years of experience in Research & Development, Manufacturing operations, and global enterprise transformation, Vincent Morin has worked in competitive and complex industries that require constant innovation, and product development, where prices competitiveness, and time to market are key to success.

In his expanded role as Executive Vice President of Product Engineering and Manufacturing Operations at XNRGY, Vincent will lead all product development activities. He will be responsible for crafting and implementing a manufacturing strategy that aligns with our market growth initiatives. This includes managing day-to-day operations to ensure efficient production. Notably, Vincent will oversee the construction and launch of our new Arizona plant. Additionally, he will collaborate on strategic projects within XNRGY, fostering innovation and growth for our rapidly expanding company.

He has held various roles, including Vice President of Product Development and Vice President of Operations, and has successfully overseen the market launch and implementation of new products and business strategies, notably for BRP's Marine Group. As Vice President of Product Development at BRP, Vincent was involved in all aspects of product management and development for off-road and on-road product lines.

From 2018 to 2021, Vincent led Product development, Manufacturing, and Operations for the Marine group of BRP. His role was to turn around the product development and operations of the engine division and bring a new product strategy for the engines and boats that would transform the industry while integrating newly acquired boat companies. Evolving the culture and integrating companies were key tasks he had to oversee. During that time, he oversaw the development of 3 new LU products and revamped 3 manufacturing sites to support the production of these new products while managing 5 locations on 2 continents.

In addition to his R&D experience, he was Vice President Operations of a plant in a foreign country where he was responsible for manufacturing operations, which included fabrication and assembly of engines and vehicles. More recently he held the role of Vice President of Product and Manufacturing where he led the LVHA group (E-mobility) of BRP which included product planning, development, and manufacturing functions. Part of his role was to oversee the product definition and define and implement new supply chain which included managing the implementation of a new facility overseas, which involved the fabrication and assembly of vehicles.

His various experiences at BRP have given him a global vision and understanding of how to align business functions for success, from product development thought the complete operation value chain in growth context.


Chief Human Officer


Melanie Daunais, XNRGY's Chief Human Resources Officer, brings a seasoned blend of HR expertise and sales acumen to her role. With over 25 years of experience navigating both worlds in different industries, she thrives in fast-paced environments, where collaboration and communication are paramount. Her journey began in sales, conquering regional and national landscapes before diving into the world of HR to witness its transformative power firsthand.

She had the opportunity to live and work abroad in Europe as well as support several countries around the world such as Asia, the United States, and Latin America. Melanie's diverse career spans renowned companies like Protectron/Telus, Nestlé Nespresso, and Moose Knuckles, where she honed her skills in:

Crafting and executing strategic HR plans aligned with business objectives.

Building top-performing, diverse, and engaged teams through talent acquisition and development.

Fostering open communication and participation, creating a culture of trust and collaboration.

Implementing impactful talent management initiatives that empower employees to excel.

Fluent in French and English, with a touch of Spanish, Melanie believes communication is the bedrock of success. At XNRGY, she's excited to partner with the team to elevate HR to new heights, shaping a future where talent is valued, empowered, and instrumental in the company's growth.

Mélanie is always available for a coffee chat to discuss HR, leadership, or building world-class organizations!

Melanie Daunais
Larry Hopkins


Chief Technology Officer


Larry has more than 30 years of experience in the HVAC industry. He has held the positions of VP of Engineering at PACE Co., President of Cleanpak International, Vice President of Engineering at Huntair and co-founder and VP of Research and Development at Basx Solutions.

In each business Larry led product development efforts in several key areas including fan design, development of Fan Array, low-loss fan backdraft damper, fan-balancing and isolation systems and active control of fan noise. Larry has created over 20 patents for products used in the HVAC industry.

Larry‘s industry involvement has also extended to several ASHRAE and AMCA subcommittee appointments. Through the latter organization, he contributed significantly to the development of fan array testing and certification standards in the early 2010s. Larry is also a member of the Scientific Advisory Committee for the Fan 2021 International Conference on Fan Noise, Aerodynamics, Applications and Systems.

In 2020, he joined XNRGY as Chief Technology Officer. The team looks forward to tapping into Larry’s vast expertise in fan and damper development and to drawing inspiration from his vision for the company’s success. His ingenuity, creativity, and resourcefulness will be an undeniable asset as XNRGY continues to grow and strengthen its position in the North American market.




CFO with over 25 years of experience in metals and mining, recently joined the HVAC industry. Her goal is to build strong teams and bring people together while supporting the growth of XNRGY in a sustainable way. She is skilled in negotiation, budgeting, internal audit, ERP implementation, and business process reengineering, with strong knowledge of both US GAAP and IFRS. Judith has successfully managed multiple projects and transactions, including mergers and acquisitions, capital raising, and debt restructuring.

For the last 20 years, Judith has moved back and forth between North America and Europe, progressing through the typically male-dominated steel industry to become the only female member of her past management teams. However, it is not simply her gender that sets her apart as chief financial officer. She is also an endurance athlete competing in Ironman events, all while maintaining her professional career and the personal responsibilities of raising two kids.

Born in Romania, Gorog earned a scholarship to study finance at the University of Liege in Belgium. Upon graduation, she began her career in public accounting as a senior auditor for PricewaterhouseCoopers. After working in the US and Europe for subsidiaries of ArcelorMittal, Judith returned to the U.S. in 2008 to work for Skyline Steel, a distributor and manufacturer of steel foundation solutions. Skyline was a wholly-owned subsidiary of ArcelorMittal, subsequently sold to Nucor. Judith was instrumental in completing that transaction.

Judith joined ArcelorMittal Long Products Canada in 2018 as CFO and accomplished many process improvements. She joined Rio Tinto Iron and Titanium in 2022 in a CFO role as well. Her expertise in managing large-scale projects within manufacturing companies, in environments similar to those of XNRGY, is a valuable asset. Recognized for her strategic thinking, innovation capabilities, and commitment to excellence, Judith aligns perfectly with our ambitious vision and will undoubtedly contribute significantly to the achievement of our business objectives.

Judith Gorog
Babak Solati


Vice President of Sales


Babak Solati has more than 26 years of experience in HVAC system design and applications. For the first seven years of his career, he held different roles in consulting engineering firms, designing HVAC systems for residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

His extensive knowledge in engineering, manufacturing, sales, and management will undoubtedly be a key asset to the newly created company’s growth and development, as will his involvement in various academic research projects on mechanical systems in buildings, including chillers, air handling units, and other equipment. After more than 16 years holding various roles in sales and marketing applications in custom AHU manufacturing in both Canada and the USA, Babak decided to join XNRGY Climate Systems as the Vice President of Sales. He regularly participates in corporate executive planning sessions to meet and exceed customers’ and manufacturers representatives’ expectations. He is also focused on developing and justifying human resources strategies as they relate to sales, as well as developing, documenting, directing, and executing sales strategies. It is his responsibility to ensure all sales efforts align with the company’s overall corporate strategy, marketing plans, financial metrics, and budgets.


Vice President of Operations and Engineering

Alain Tanguay, has an exemplary record of accomplishment in the HVAC sector. He is known as a dynamic team leader who prioritizes consistent quality, as well as an expert in state-of-the-industry programs and technologies aimed at heightening productivity while controlling costs.

Alain began his career as a mechanical engineer with a division of Carrier Corporation where he managed a team of engineers dedicated to the design of refrigeration systems, electrical circuits and their components. When he moved on to Stone Air/Vapor Rail Inc., a division of Westinghouse Air Brake Company, he took charge of the team responsible for the design, costing, manufacturing and testing of HVAC units for rail cars in mass transit systems.

Consulting called Alain in 2018 where he used his extensive experience to help the commercial and rail industries with operations, LEAN manufacturing, engineering design and HVAC.

In 2020, Alain took on the role of Vice President of Operations and Engineering for XNRGY, helping aim the start-up company on a successful trajectory.

Alain Tanguay
Nicolas Aoud


Director of Engineering, Refrigeration and Control


Nicolas Aouad began his career as a team leader and teacher at several technical school and institutes. After 18 years of teaching in colleges and vocational schools, Nicolas entered in the private sector in 2015 to work for Annexair and Zero-C in various positions including Refrigeration Engineering Manager, Engineering Manager and HVAC-R & Control R&D Director.

Nicolas handled redesigning products and creating additional features while he planned, administrated, reviewed research and development activities, and collaborated in the task of formulating the organization’s strategies. Leading the organization in new product development, he designed and managed the production and implantation of the new air-cooled condensing units, air/water-cooled source heat pumps and the production of the new control sequence of operations.

Nicolas improved refrigeration system reliability and efficiency by redesigning base, system piping and component selection. Additionally, Nicolas was involved with the creation of product selection tools in collaboration with the IT department. Over the years, he developed extensive experience in project management, refrigeration, HVAC, controls, and high-performance systems.

In 2019, Nicolas joined XNRGY Climate Systems as the Director of Engineering, Refrigeration and Control. His role is involved with planning and administrating XNRGY’s new products as well as leading the refrigeration and controls development team.


Director Of Engineering


Mauro has 17 years of experience in HVAC system design, applications and manufacturing. He spent the first nine years of his career as a senior application engineer, helping sales representatives, contractors and consulting engineers design custom air handling units based on customer requirements and industry standards. A few years later, as Business Analyst for the implementation of new ERP system, he helped out the other facilities across the CES group.

In 2013, as an Engineering and R&D Manager, he broadened his knowledge on the manufacturing of dehumidification and DX equipment. He managed an engineering team and the R&D program. Mauro helped create a new Greenfield company: TMI Climate Solutions Canada Inc. — a Berkshire Hathaway owned company in 2015. The company grew from 5 to over 200 staff within the first four years.

With his experience with the creation of the previously mentioned Greenfield company, he joined XNRGY Climate Systems, in 2019, as Director of Engineering for their Mechanical Group. His experience served him well in developing various products for the company. Mauro directs the development of XNRGY’s products, oversees the engineering team and co-manages the R&D team. He also recruits employees, assigns, directs and evaluates their work, as well as overseeing their development.

Mauro Catavolo