As new director of engineering for cleanrooms and data centers, Synkov will lead innovations in ahu design and manufacturing processes

Aleksey Synkov joins XNRGY

Montreal, November 30, 2021 - XNRGY is pleased to announce the addition of Aleksey Synkov (BSME) to the XNRGY team. With a comprehensive engineering background and over 25 years of experience encompassing cleanroom equipment development throughout North America, in his new role Aleksey will drive cutting-edge solutions focused on cleanroom and data center solutions.

Aleksey's affinity for mechanical complexity and overcoming challenges is highlighted by his educational background. Holding a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the Portland State University, and an Engineer-in-Training Certificate for the State of California, Aleksey also has education in Civil Engineering, AutoCAD and Mechanical Desktop software, as well as cleanroom design from Arizona State University.

Beginning his career on the shop floor of Huntair, Inc in 1994, Aleksey developed an appreciation for the challenges involved in the design and manufacture of quality HVAC and air handling equipment. Through the pursuit of education, training, and experience, Aleksey progressively assumed greater responsibilities, from Mechanical Designer with Huntair, Inc, to Senior Application Engineer and later Head of Design at M&I Air Engineered Systems, then Custom Cleanroom Equipment Application Engineer at BASX Solutions.


"The XNRGY family, could not be more pleased at the opportunity of working alongside Aleksey. Together, with Aleksey's extensive experience in cleanrooms and data centers, we will take XNRGY in new directions as we bring state-of-the-art solutions to our customers that combine cutting-edge design and environmental performance."
Sham S. Ahmed, President and General Manager, XNRGY Climate systems

About XNRGY Climate Systems

XNRGY Climate Systems is a privately held company which designs, engineers, and manufactures sophisticated, sustainable innovative solutions focused on reducing carbon footprint and energy consumption. Key products include large custom refrigeration and chilled water air handling units, vertical and horizontal data center units up to 600 kW, dedicated outside air systems, and energy recovery systems. The systems custom-designed and manufactured by XNRGY target five main customer segments, namely hyperscale and modular data centers, healthcare facilities, clean rooms, grow-ops, and life sciences facilities.

About Cerebrus, LLC

Cerebrus, LLC, is a global private equity firm investing in sustainable solutions in the fields of energy, supply chain management, and the digital economy. The firm’s main interest is to create innovative solutions for hyperscale data centers to leverage the significant growth in the global data center market.


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